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Alpaca Poncho Hooded Closed Red w/stripes

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Alpaca Poncho Hooded Closed Red w/stripes

Alpaca Poncho Hooded Closed Red w/stripes


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    Poncho handmade by Ecuadorian women artisans. Woven with a wooden button, fringed endings, overlock, hooded, smooth texture, thin, warm, comfortable and durable. Best for colder seasons.
    Material: Alpaca blend
    Size: 66.93" x 40.94" (inches) 170 x 104 (centimeters).
    Weight: 27 oz.



    Beautiful poncho handmade by Ecuadorian women artisans. Thin, warm, comfortable and durable finish.

    Product Care

    Product Care

    From everyone at, we hope you enjoy your alpaca garments for years to come. We wish that your new alpaca garments endure a long wearable life so you can continue enjoying your purchase long after you first receive it.



    Wash your garment with cold water, to avoid damage, use a mild soap. Wash the garment without rubbing to remove any dirt. If you want to keep the color and quality of your garment, avoid both the use of the washer and any bleach products.


    To avoid deforming, crumpling, or wrinkling your garment, never kink or squeeze. It’s suggested not to use the clothes dryer, keep from direct sunlight, and dry in the shade to preserve the original color. Spread on a flat surface and hang it on a hanger in order to preserve its original form.


    Alpaca wool is a very sensitive fiber and ironing should be avoided. If necessary, use a towel over the garment to iron at low temperature.