Bracelet Tagua Orange Sierra
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Bracelet Tagua Orange Sierra

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Bracelet Tagua Orange Sierra

Bracelet Tagua Orange Sierra

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    Beautiful bracelet handmade from ​tagua seed. Polished, orange sierra color, eight pieces joined together.

    • Weight: 2.85 oz.
    • SKU: BT-OS


    Product Care

    Tagua & Seeds

  • Avoid gettting your item wet. The dyes are biodegrable and will fade if exposed to water.
  • Avoid spraying fragrances and other liquids.
  • Avoid having your jewellery in the direct sun if you are not wearing it to avoid fading.
  • Tagua can be polished by hand with natural waxes (beeswax, for example) and lightly buffed to bring back shine. Generally this only needs to be done once a year at most, and can make an older tagua pieces look brand new again.