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About HuarmiMaki

A Letter from HuarmiMaki

I am an Ecuadorian woman indigenous native to Otavalo, a place where artisans gather people from all parts of the world to showcase their talents, beautiful designs, and traditions.

My family and I were born in a land full of ancestral cultural heritages which are visible in our beautiful clothing and accessories. We share with you, the same high quality clothing made from the skilled hands of our artisans.

HuarmiMaki was born from the idea of working closely with the artisans and their families who spend all their time and skills to create clothing and accessories of high quality and always at the forefront of fashion for our customers around the world.

Interested in satisfying the most demanding tastes and collaborate with the sustainability of the planet, we offer items produced all over our beautiful country.

Our artisans are located from north to south and from east to west of Ecuador. Creating articles and garments is an honorable job that allows our artisans to raise and educate their families, to give them a better chance of life, and at the same time, to preserve the art of creating using their hands and techniques of our grandparents.

I really admire your efforts and nobility in such, I wish to convey that each article or garment received from HuarmiMaki is guaranteed to be made especially by women, with much love and dedication.

Sincerely, for all the woman hands all over the world - HuarmiMaki.com.