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How is it Made?


Our artisans continue the tradition of their ancestors by combining the art of spinning alpaca wool into Andean designs and elegant casual styles.

Each garment is unique and can be made from skilled hands, needle weaving, looms, crochet, and semi-industrial machines. Each providing a distinct style.

Alpaca fiber is considered one of the most expensive and finest fibers in the world. Some of its properties are thermal capacity, soft and durable - which makes them easy to care for, it doesn’t hold water, and are hypoallergenic.

Alpaca fiber isn’t common and difficult to find therefore is invaluable to our artisans. They consider each final product a real gem.

Tagua & Seeds

Tagua, also known as ivory nut or vegetable ivory, is a seed that since decades ago our Ecuadorian artisans have used to carve figurines, almost always of animals, which is passed down by heritage and tradition. Today tagua is not only used to carve figurines but also pieces assembled to create animals, jewelry sets, buttons, key rings carved with designs, multicolored rings, and an extensive list of beauties craft marketed worldwide as a true artisan jewelry.

Our accessories are focused on the women who want to show their femininity, uniqueness and exotic essence. A natural woman with personality and love for the really wonderful things, such as our handmade, sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

Each piece is handmade with love to offer the ladies of any age high quality piece that will never go out of fashion.